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Clara Claus Saves Easter

Sequel to Clara Claus Saves Christmas

Christmas may be over for another year, but when Rowan the forest elf goes missing and the Santa Scouts are in trouble, Clara Claus and her brother Nick must investigate. Traveling from their home in the North Pole, they enlist the help of Gordon the grumpy gnome to track down the mysterious E.B. But with bunnies and squirrels to train and chocolate to wrap, can Clara and Nick crack the case to deliver the perfect Easter?

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Clara Claus Saves Christmas

My debut junior fiction book

First the reindeer got sick. Then Santa got sick. Now it's up to Clara Claus and her slightly annoying brother Nick to save Christmas. But with toys to make, elves to manage, lists to sort and flying reindeer to train, can they summon enough Christmas spirit to deliver the perfect Christmas?

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Catch That Cough

My debut picture book

Maisy has never learnt to `catch her cough'. Why should she when it gets in the way of all the fun she's having? But Maisy's cough escapes and starts wreaking havoc. Now Maisy must CATCH HER COUGH. No matter how difficult that may be... How do you catch a cough that doesn't want to be caught? Follow Maisy and find out! Catch That Cough is a fun, off-the-wall look at what happens when a cough `escapes'. Maisy's cough causes problems wherever it goes, showing children what happens if they don't cover their mouths and CATCH THAT COUGH!

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