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Clara Claus Saves Easter - Cover reveal!

January 13 2022

Here it is, the cover for my new book! This marks the second exciting adventure for Clara, and her slightly annoying brother Nick, as they aim to save Easter with the help of Gordon the grumpy gnome by tracking down the mysterious EB.  This book can be pre-ordered now and will make a great spring gift.

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I'm happiest in a land of imagination. Having worked as an actress for nearly a decade, I'd perfected the art of talking to characters inside my head, so I took a leap of faith when my daughter was born and chose to write my characters down instead of acting them out. I can be found having many a conversation with said characters over a cup of tea – notebook and pen poised, ready for any story they may tell me. You can keep up to date with all my writing and events news by subscribing below. Thanks.